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This is where all wonders appear! Come one, come all, and read amazing stories personally written to us by the awesome FFS Writers!


Book Requirements

1. Stories should have Introductions and Chapters

2. Stories should NOT have spam or inappropriate contents in them.

3. Stories should be WRITTEN BY YOU.

Book List

Book Title Author
Thank You A Slim Jim
The Two Sides Bnm786
Bre's Poems Br318
The Time of Dragons DragoNEX
The Blood of Dragons DragoNEX
The Destiny of Dragons DragoNEX
The Dragons of the Stone DragoNEX
The Forgotten Gummoo28
Darkest Before Dawn Joyfulxchaos8907
MinoVale Jorgesnoopy
DV- The Gathering JustinDaOne
Dragonvale: The Beginning Leajey
Dragonvale: In the Year of the Dragon Leajey
Dragonvale: Rise of the Peacemakers Leajey
The Death of Omon Shadowkhaos
The Shades SynergyShade3624
The Flood Conspiracy SynergyShade3624
The Treasure of Malcolm Island SynergyShade3624
A Fish Tale SynergyShade3624
The Treaty of Daun Talis TheWizardz


  • Featured books will be selected randomly on, to give all an equal chance.

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