Ninja Academy
Book Information:
Book Author/s: Lt. Legolas
Script Writer/s: Lt. Legolas
Other Contributor/s: N/A
Dedicated to: TBA
Story Origin/s: Ninja related apps.
Episode/s: TBA


Welcome to my first ever fanfic! To be in the story, go here. Other than that, I think youre ready to read an epic journey of a hopeful young ninja inspired by a myriad of Nina apps!  Enjoy!

Chapter One: The MessageEdit

Steven knew he should feel sad. It was his grandfathers funeral after all. Yet he could not. Two unique quirks of his made being solemn for hours on end impossible. His first trait being the fact that he got bored easily, especially for a sixteen year old. But how long was he suppoused to hear 70 year olds babble on about what a great person his grandfather was anyways? Secondly, Steven was a very optimistic person. Even at a tradegy such as this he simply accepted the death as a part of the whole life cycle and moved on. Little did he know, in the far future, those two attributes would mean life and death to him. But he couln't have known that, for his future was one that would be coluded in mystery, adventure, and danger. Danger especially, because deep in the shadows, something was watching.

Steven's parents were pouring over his grandfathers last will and testmony with a lawyer. "Meh, the usual stuff" ramarked the lawyer. "Pretty simple actually, considering that you were his only children. You guys get it all. The estate, bonds, and nearly $55,000,000 locked up in various bank acounts." "Whew!" whistled Will's dad, "I had no idea he was quite that well off." "Oh, but what's this?" The lawyer carefully lifted up a small yellowed note from the back of the stack of pages and held it up to the light. After concentrating on the page for several miniutes, he let out a deep sigh. "Man, this actually turned out to be one of the most complicated wills I've ever seen." "Why?" asked Steven's mom. "Whats wrong?" "Well for one thing, I don't think you really want to drop your son off in the middle of some Japanese mountian range. But it looks like it may just come down to that."

~To Be Continued~