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Listed below are guidelines for Rules and Regulations we ought to follow.


Wiki Rules

  • DO NOT spam pages and blogs with nonsense, emotes or links.
  • DO NOT make any multiple account on this wiki.
  • DO NOT harrass or offend others.
  • DO NOT use vulgar language or swear.

Fan Fiction Stories Rules

  • NO plagarism of any kind.
    • Sources must be cited.
    • Any stories that are not authorized for publication will be subjected to deletion, with or without prior notice.
  • Stories MUST be based from one or more fiction stories.
    • Works must be cited.
  • This site should NOT be advertised successively on any other sites, mainly on any other chat sites.
    • Failure to comply so will result to warning, and eventually banning.
    • Any Staff Member who fails to comply will not be tolerated. Membership will be removed.

Chat Rules

  • NO spamming (this includes repeatedly posting emotes, posts or links).
  • NO swearing or use vulgar language.
  • NO requests for becoming a staff member on chat. You must earn it.
  • NO harassing other users. This includes asking for ages/names, and mocking them.
  • DO NOT overuse capitals. This is considered yelling and it is considered rude. Using it once in a sentence to add impact is fine.
  • DO NOT act like a mod if there is already a staff member in chat. Only act like mod when you have permission from staff.
  • DO NOT disobey staff in chat. They will always have the final say. The staff can be identified by a gold star next to their name.
  • ALWAYS take the interest of other users over yours. If it is obvious that the rest of the chat does not appreciate what you are doing, then stop.
  • NO links to any inapropriate sites or pictures.
  • DO NOT ask to be in the story. There is a forum for that.
  • NO ads for another wiki.
  • DO NOT role play.


  • Staff can take 3 actions to you if you break the rules:
    • Warning = Staff will warn you for your action
    • Kicking = This means to get booted from chat. You can return to chat afterwards. If you get kicked 3 times a day, you will get banned.
    • Banning = You will be kicked from the chat and unable to return for a particular length of time depending on what you did. The lengths go as follows:
      • 2 Hours (Spamming)
      • 24 Hours (Spamming)
      • 3 Days (Spamming/Swearing)
      • 1 Week (Swearing/Abuse/Harassment)
      • 1 Month (Severe Swearing/Abuse/Harassment)
      • PermaBan/Forever/Chat Disable (Doing all of the above constantly, after being warned

--Rules derived from Khaos Vs. 786™ Wiki--

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